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Majior Bug
« on: May 24, 2013, 04:14:01 pm »
Ok, so today i went and bought a skimmer, i bought it and i had to respawn my car so i get out of the skimmer to respawn my car an as soon asi get out of the skimmer it disapears saying i lost it, even tho i never actually blew it up, ok so i got back to the bank and pull out another 2 mil to buy another one, this time i respawned my car before buying the plane, well i went and took off and it was workin fine till i got out of the dock area and the server crashed.

Any possible way i get my 4 mil back or atlease the 2 mil from the server crashin.

Oh and by the way the server is down, not sure if the skimmer crashed it or what, i know i was able to take off without starting the engine