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Re: RRP today.
« Reply #45 on: June 23, 2013, 02:19:33 pm »
It's pretty much dead, outdated script, poor RP for a RP server, you go online to talk and not RP.
A server needs regular updates, weekly ! or monthly, not every half a year...oh and considerable updates, not add two three things and four fixes.
There are many great RP servers out there, script-wise or RP-wise, updates almost WEEKLY, only problem i had was starting over all alone.
A slight part of TRI has moved to a new place, however it's a US server so the time-zone kinda sucks.

Sa-mp is not dead, there are a lot of useless servers out there, RP ones are populated nowadayz, one i am on has 100 on average, the server is  over 1 year old or some shit.(1 year old, and the script they have...would take this place 4 years to catch up)

The script needs to be redone almost completely, it does not compete to other servers, you have a better chance of just starting a new server.
Good features get's players, i don't care to those who don't agree, they should know it's true.
At the beggining of sa-mp and RP servers, RRP was successfull for a period because it had a script that kept up with everyone else, while still offering unique stuff, now it has NOTHING most other servers don't allready do better. Not to mention we have to many restrictions on this server. (level wise or VIP accesible only, that everyone else gives for free)

Every update that comes now and then only motivates the old members that find it hard to move on, you aren't keeping any new players around, they are not attached to this server like the rest, they just want cool features and RP, wich we don have.

This will always be the best server i EVER Was on, had the most fun and got to meet some great people/friends. BUT the true and hard fact is what i said above, i don't put it out there like a "hate message" to demoralize people but it is the TRUTH.
Don't expect me to lie so that you will feel like shit ain't as bad as they actually are.
I feel the same way about how this server was at one point the funniest shame its never gonna be like that again :/ What server do you play on now?

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Re: RRP today.
« Reply #46 on: June 23, 2013, 02:24:22 pm »
It's a US one, but i am unsure if i will remain on it, since the time-zome limits me and i always miss on the fun parts...i never catch "night" on that server. When it's 17:00 IG time it's like 2 am for me so i gotta go.
RIght now i'm awaiting some European server to come out that's almost done, give u link in a pm i suppose.
Despite all that, there are a ton of europeans on the US one.
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