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[Unbanned Server] Liu
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:33:48 pm »
Pfft everyone beat me to it, i wanted to make a app during this period myself xD.

Ingame Name: Name Liu Xiang (account may have been deleted)
IP Address: IP it changed
Time and date of ban: Time & Date 31-05-2012
Admin that banned You: Admin MIchael Clark
Reason for ban: i shot the sky(signal fire) and was acused of DM, because my fellow TRiads shot at HIM "under my command".
Times you were banned before and what for (We will check this!): Times 3 (my 1st perm ban) + 1 evasion ban
Why should you be unbanned? I still love the server and want to play on it and help it out, if possible revive it from it's dead state. My rule breakings weren't so bad as to cause great damage to the server.
In case of a warn ban, please list the reasons for the warns in your answer: Reason(s)
I barely remember them and they don't matter anymore.

Screenshot of ban(Link Only): Link

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