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*Redgie's Role Play - Server Rules*
« on: January 02, 2009, 02:22:25 pm »
Redgie's RolePlay's Server Rules:
Violating these rules can get you Admin jailed/Kicked/Banned

1. Do not meta- and/or powergame.
2. Role-play at all times unless you're in admin-jail. Only administrators are allowed to be around OOC and are allowed to interrupt RP situations OOCly.
3. Do not use any hacks, cheats or modifications that give you an advantage over other players
4. Do not deathmatch (DM); killing another player is alright, as long as you've got a proper role-play reason.
5. No revenge-killing. If you are dead (you respawn), your memory will be cleared and you'll forget about the killer In Character. Attempting to kill the killer after you've been killed, is revenge-killing.

6. Do not heal during fights. (Don't run inside a house, heal and then run out again in the middle of the fight.)
7. Do not advertise other servers on any chat.
8. Do not use abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, ROFL, OMFG!, u, ur, m8 etc. in In Character chats.
9. This is an English speaking server. Other languages are only allowed in OOC chats, such as /b and /pm.
10. No abusive language towards other players in any OOC-chat.

11. Do not spam chats (IC & OOC) and/or commands (including commands like /drink).
12. Do not abuse capital letters in OOC Chats like /b, /f and /o.
13. You're allowed to ignore OOC-chats during role-play situations unless it's an administrator talking to you.
14. Do not scam people OOCly. IC scamming is allowed but only in limited forms. Please do not attempt to take advantage of people who do not have a lot of knowledge and experience of the server and it's commands.
15. Do not go AFK for more than 10 minutes. Doing so will result in your removal from the server. Continuous EXP farming can result in warnings and/or bans.

16. Do not contact admins ingame with an issue that is not resolvable ingame, keep them on the forum. This includes, but is not limited to, Unban Requests, Suggestions, Admin Complaints and Applications.
17. Do not PM admins In-Game with unban-requests, again use the forum.
18. Do not abuse or spam the /report and /ask command.
19. Do not violate rules because someone else did it against you.
20. Provoking cops to a chase without a proper IC reason is not allowed (non-RP).

21. Racism is allowed in strictly limited forms in-character, but it is a ban-able offense when expressed out of character.
22. Do not Drive-By as the driver of a vehicle or passenger of an empty vehicle. Allowed weapons for DB are MP5, AK & M4 ONLY.
23. Flaming or insulting other players or administrators will not be tolerated at all.
24. Do not kill other players with a helicopter's blade (heli-killing]. Do not run people over with a car to kill them(car-parking); ramming other players with a car is allowed within roleplay limits.
25. Terroristic attacks including (but not limited to) flying aircrafts into other players, dropping aircraft onto other players or driving an exploding car into other players require a roleplay reason and an admin's permission.
26. One person is only allowed to own 2 equal (=same type) properties. If you are found to own more properties, these will be put up for sale by an admin. Further information can be found below.

Explanation of the 'two equal properties' rule
One player is only allowed to own two equal (=same type) properties at the same time.

That means:
One player (including all alt accounts) can own a maximum of two houses.
One player (including all alt accounts) can own a maximum of two garages.
One player (including all alt accounts) can own a maximum of two businesses.

(Combinations are allowed. So a player (including all alt accounts) IS allowed to own 2 houses and two garages and two businesses)

This rule is implemented due to the increased amount of people creating alternative accounts just to own more properties. This behaviour significantly damages the chances of new players to own properties.
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