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Format for Unban Appeals
« on: August 25, 2012, 12:43:22 pm »
All appeals should be posted in the following format, with Player_Name as the topic title:

Code: [Select]
[b]Ingame Name:[/b] Name
[b]IP Address:[/b] IP
[b]Time and date of ban:[/b] Time & Date
[b]Admin that banned You:[/b] Admin
[b]Reason for ban:[/b] Reason
[b]Times you were banned before and what for (We will check this!):[/b] Times
[b]Why should you be unbanned?[/b] Reason
[b]In case of a warn ban, please list the reasons for the warns in your answer:[/b] Reason(s)

[b]Screenshot of ban(Link Only):[/b] Link


Always tell the truth, if you lie, we will find out, and this will dramatically decrease your chance of being unbanned.

Only admins and appealers are allowed to post in the topics concerned. Any unauthorized posting will result in a punishment.

Do not bump your topics. We process appeals as fast as possible. Bumping your appeal will not result in a faster reply.

Do not PM admins or any other person related to the processing of the unban appeals about your personal appeal. Doing so will result in an instant denial of the appeal.

Do not flame in your appeal. Doing so will result in an instant denial

Do not create more than one ban appeal. Doing so might result in an instant denial.

Put effort in your appeal. Appeals lacking effort will be removed immediately.

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