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Notice to Los Santos
« on: April 29, 2012, 10:18:34 am »

Los Santos Government, led by Mayor Vincie

Dear Citizens of Los Santos,

In the preceding months, the government has diminished it's active role in managing Los Santos.
However, I would like to announce that the government of Los Santos will be re-emerging. The first notions of the government will be to put new laws and acts in to force, which have been discussed within the Police Department, and to reinstate the council.
Though at first, this will be a slow transition, we hope that you will understand.

In regards to the raised taxes, this comes about as the Police Department has been over funded. To bring the books back level, we have removed PD funding currently, and as previously mentioned, increased tax to 20%. As the government's deficit decreases, this tax will reduce heavily, and the PD will begin to earn a modest funding.

Apologies, and thank you, citizens of Los Santos.

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