Author Topic: Please don't donate in multiple sections over a short period of time  (Read 1384 times)

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Hi guys,

Recently there's been an influx in "mini-donation" of 1-3. While I obviously hugely appreciate any and all donations no matter what size, I must stress that PayPal charge a base fee, followed by a variable amount. In other words, if you donate 3 x 1 in the space of an hour, we lose 3 base fees + 3 variable fees, which can be quite a lot.

I absolutely understand the need for some people to donate 1 to get 1 point they need for something and I wouldn't ask you to donate more or not at all (That would be dumb!), this is just a message to the people who donate 1,2 or even 5 x 1 donations in the space of an hour, please, please batch them! RRP gets a lot more if you donate 5 than 1 x 5!

Thanks guys :).

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