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Title: Cypher RPG - V1.0E (Bugfix & Small Additions)
Post by: Redgie on September 05, 2012, 11:52:59 AM
- Re-added ability to sell HQ (Via PDA)
- Added lock for SFPD vehicles
- Added "ding" noise to levelling up
- Events are now more random (Old addition)
- Street cars now have a respawn time of 10 minutes
- Car color cost reduced to $2,500
- Car towing cost reduced to $500
- Added TIP regarding RRP
- Ally radio now shows in orange
- /admins now goes in rank order
- Added priest skin

- Trucks and immigrant trucks are now unlocked for SFPD
- Fixed issue preventing tags being tagged
- Players now get wanted for picking up the package
- Kills during a turf war now count towards your wanted level
- Players involved in a turf war are now shown the paused message
- Cancel now works in the sell car to the state dialogue (/sellcar)
- Rearranged the front 4 grid positions in tour de vinewood to make them better reflect who enters first
- You are now re-issued your weapons if an event is cancelled due to "Lack of interest"
- Possibly fixed not being re-issued weapons after spectating
- Fixed some issues with PayDay not occuring on time