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Title: Cypher RPG - V1.0D (Bugfix)
Post by: Redgie on September 03, 2012, 11:59:15 AM
Please Note: Due to one of the below fixes, all weapon skills have been reset. Please do not complain, as chances are you know full well you only paid < $100 instead of the proper prices

- Weapon upgrades now charge properly (All weapon skills reset)
- Spectating no longer classes you as being in the turf of your target
- You can no longer multi-tag a spot
- Fixed issue with some players not getting a PDA
- Turfs now flash correctly during a takeover
- Disconnecting now ends an event (If applicable) regardless of what event it is
- Oil related trucker missions now only stop at fuel stations
- Fixed an issue with re-using /spec
- Gang classes now delete when you leave a gang
- Fixed an issue with the grave digger job achievement
- Double XP now shows at PayDay
- You can no longer arrest yourself
- Fixed issue with turf takeover progress not being shown
- Fixed some layout and web address issues on the home page
- Fixed an issue that allowed POST modifications to give gang members locked weapons