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Title: Cypher RPG - V1.0B (Bugfix)
Post by: Redgie on August 30, 2012, 09:46:21 AM
This was done yesterday, but not posted at the time

- Races are now 50% likely every activity
- Time between activities reduced to 9 minutes

- "All your fish are belong to me" Now only needs level 25 fishing to activate
- XP now carries over with PayDay
- Gang skins now work properly
- Resigning now removes checkpoint from race point based jobs (Such as cropduster)
- Removed gates and locks purchased for HQs prior to release (May take a reboot to take effect)
- Removed a truck spawn that is inside of a HQ
- Fixed an issue with players being able to leave a DD
- Being a package boy now gives you a wanted level (Unless you're a cop)
- Time between packages extended
- Trucker missions now cancel if you join an activity
- Spectating a player should now include you in nearby local chat
- Fixed stronghold sieging (Experimental)
- Fixed turf takeovers (Experimental)